About Us
Leverage Lubricants is strategically located in the middle of Houston, Texas – the heart of the oil industry for North America. Our facility is within three miles of the largest collection of base oils in the world, and because we are conveniently located in the epicenter of oil production we can develop and manufacture your brands in the most efficient and effective process.
The creators of Leverage Lubricants have more than three decades of manufacturing and developing brands that you already know and trust. We have been a part of manufacturing and development of at least five of the seven major brands and have taken that experience and put it into developing your quality products. We also offer our own custom line of products.

Additionally, we take pride in ourselves as a specialty blending and packaging company. We blend your non-licensed products the way you request, and your licensed products to meet and/or exceed industry standard guidelines . Since we are a blend to order company that cuts down on your overall cost and avoid storage fees.

Leverage Lubricants has Certified Lubrication Specialist (CLS) personnel for your assistance. We have a strategic relationship with base oil and additive suppliers ensuring your are getting the best product at the best price.

With a combined 2.7 million gallons (1.3 million being heated) of storage and nearly 100 storage tanks, we can accommodate even your large batch specialty blending needs. Our blending tanks range from 55 gallons to 150,000 gallon capacity, with up to 550,000 gallon individual storage capacity. Additionally we have six automated filling lines servicing one-liter, five-liter, pails, drums and totes all with batch code printing capabilities.

Leverage Lubricants currently ships to fifty-three countries. We have full transportation loading capabilities for all your shipments via ship, railcar, bobtail, box-truck and flex-bags. Our rail spur offers multiple rail car capacity.

At Leverage Lubricants, we have the capabilities of manufacturing twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

We do not target the end users. We only sell manufactures and distributors.